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A series of sculptures, functioning as public grilling furniture.

Selected proposal for Kuriu Vilniu, artwork in public space, Vilnius 2021

Project team - Sigita Simona Paplauskaite, Juste Kostikovaite, Daumantas Kucas

Thanks to - Vilnius Municipality, Lithuanian council for culture, Skulpturos ir Vitrazo Centras Vilnius, Vlaamse Gemeenschap

more info soon

Carwash, an immersive video-installation with composed surround audiotrack for 4 speakers, 04:38, 2021

A series of garden-kitchen sculptures, inspired by typical Lithuanian Surelis candy. Concrete, pigments and different types of stones, 2021

Conceptual sound-piece wherein the audience is invited to sing karaokesongs in the gallery, while the loudspeakers are located outside.

Inside, only the performers hear both voice- and karaoke-track playing through their headphones.
Outside the galleryspace the full karaoke-performance plays as background music.

Platform sculpture by Simon Masschelein. The Land of The Confused, Off The Grid, 2021

electronic music album with Ari-Pekka Leinonen. 23 tracks, 90 minutes, recorded in Brussels-Helsinki, 2021

Sauna made with leftovers from previous installations and paintings, 2021

electronic music album with Ari-Pekka Leinonen. 15 tracks, recorded in Brussels-Helsinki, 2020

performance, Horst Restaurant Club, 2020.

A profesional stripper and a clown are challenged to improvise on each others act at Horst Restaurant Club.

60 minutes film & screening with live soundtrack with Ari-Pekka Leinonen, Dom Na Kinoto, Sofia Bulgaria, 2020

TV Eldorado or Clarinet Ivan and the Weddingband is a 2019 experimental film made by Jacobs & Leinonen. The story revolves around a group of strangers who sign up for a mission in search of the lost Thracian gold. Soon after the adventure kick-starts the unexpected happens.

In collaboration with Ari-Pekka Leinonen, video 45 minutes, 2019

What's Cooking, Good-Looking is a performance by Bert Jacobs and Helena Aleksandrova.
In the format of a video-chat Jacobs and Aleksandrova play with the notion of 'the cooking show'. Cooking shows have been a popular staple of daytime TV programming since the earliest days of television. They are generally very inexpensive to produce, making them an economically easy way for a TV station to fill a half-hour (or sometimes 60-minute) time slot. What's Cooking, Good-Looking is a real-time chat between Bert in the gallery and Helena in an anonymous kitchen. Simultaneously and together with electronic musician Michael Langeder (Different Fountains) they will blend the ingredients into a live-composed techno track. What's Cooking' plays with (gender) stereotypes, the process of producing, assembling and composing, online communication — but above all it can be seen as a musical love-letter to friendship and food.

Heartbroken Uncle5, electronic music and performance with Ari-Pekka Leinonen. Album, 9 songs, recorded in Brussels, 2019

Devil Hotel, a participatory performance in which the audience was directed to act on a movie-set of a surreal gala-event. This happening took place in different spaces (garden party, diningroom and ballroom) of the Geeraard the Devil Castle; a 13th century gothic architecture building in Ghent.

In collaboration with Helen Aleksandrova, photos © Matthias Yzebaert,, 2019

Devil Hotel, neon-font letters, 11 x 2 m, art in public space, Gent

In collaboration Helen Aleksandrova, photos © Matthias Yzebaert, 2019

A house, imaginary or real, is one of the most significant integration powers for the thought, memories, and human dreaming. Ernst Pinossi’s house, an installation of a music-related room and dwelled spaces all combined into a multi-layer time- distorting story, will act as a symbol, catalyzing memories and immortality in the spectator’s mind. It is a place where imagination and memories are undissociated.
A performance, installation and a radio show by Dan Allon, Ari-Pekka Leinonen and Bert Jacobs. The installation consists a radio shack, in which the trio reenact his music, show photographs from his life (a combined selected images of non-professional photography from the life of Allon, Leinonen and Jacobs), and wait for his arrival for an interview live in the studio. As the show goes it becomes unclear if he really exists, or is he a combination of the dark sides of the three.

Hypercorps Brussels, photos © Hugard & Vanoverschelde, 2018
+ exhibition text by Ruby Reding

Radio show produced and performed by Dan Allon, Bert Jacobs and Ari-Pekka Leinonen for Ernst Pinossi picture show exhibition at Hypercorps Brussels. The show explores the music of Ernst Pinossi while the hosts are anticipating their guest to arrive to the studio for an interview.

Who is ERNST PINOSSI, where is he coming from, and will he ever make it to the studio?

Label: Different Fountains Editions
Artist: Different Fountains
Title: Transparent Flag
Cat. No.: DFE013
Format: LP 12"
Release date: 6th of march 2019

Eldorado is an experimental film that shows the impressions of two foreign artists who, in overtime, sought and examined the ideas that shaped the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv as the European capital of culture. Questions are asked like where is the budget? And to what extent does such a phenomenon need state intervention? Imagine a fairy tale told in footage from Plovdiv.

In collaboration with Ari-Pekka Leinonen, video 20 minutes, 2018

Moonwalkers, a performative night-walk, from dusk till dawn, following the direction of the moon, destination unknown, live-streamed, 2018

Lighter Luck, walking from the sun to the moon to the sun, edition, 2018

Beeswax Globe, 40cm, 2018

Karaoke for Rocks, a happening in collaboration with Simon Masschelein, 2018

Drywall Repair, deconstructed camper, tape and bullet holes, 2017

Drywall Repair, deconstructed camper, tape and bullet holes, 2017

Deconstructed camper shot by Federal Police Special Units, using semiautomatic Glock, 9 mm. The pieces were made originally in the context of a group show ‘Mined Mind’ for the 100th anniversary of the Armistice.

The camper is a reinvention of a mobile house, evoking the idea of safety and comfort while travelling. With the idea of deconstructing such a definition, the artist destroys the camper by cutting it into pieces, turning it into abstract ready-made sculpture, but leaving identifiable traces of the camper, reflectors, door hangers, etc.
The shooting on the target was sort of the training session orchestrated by the artist. 12 cops shot the panel. Due to the psychological resistance to the imposed authority of the artist, or the lack of shooting skills, many bullets missed the target. The 12 policemen were shooting simultaneously at the target and the error remained ano-nymous, not imposing any responsibility of missing the target.
The performance then becomes a playground for destruction.

Lighter Luck, Lindsey Dennis, edition, 2017

a series of Masks, paper, acrylic paint, 2017

Desert Ice Cream Shop, print on canvas, 3 x 4 m, 2017

Beeswax SUN, ⌀ 105 cm, 2017

White Finger (2016) is a collage-film in which cowboys from different Westerns are caught in an ongoing and shooting-scene.

Edition The Fool, framed digital print, 70 cm / 90 cm, 2016

White Finger is an exhibition in which the relation between chance and destiny is examined throughout different artistic media: print, drawing, performance and happening. During the exhibition people are playing cards, while in the background on two oposite flatscreens a collage film is playing of cowboys shooting each other. The exhibition is accompanied by a limited edition deck of Tarot cards, a series of prints, a video, a soundscape and drawings. 2016

Untitled, fridge filled with Duvel and Westmalle Tripple, 2016

Tarot deck, multiple printed by Carta Mundi, 2016

Unboxing a pack of Tarotcards, 2015

Greenhouse, made with recycled windows and doors. The evolution from a vegetable garden to a mini-jungle and ruin can be observed during the course of time. Plan B, Bekegem, 2016

CHF is a multimedia installation, created in situ, by Ailsa Cavers (UK) and Bert Jacobs (BE) with a video contribution made by Roger Claessens (BE). In this exhibition everyday objects are explored, such as sanded drywall boards that act as pedestals as much as an artwork, wood mouldings are assembled to become a mantelpiece, clay blocks are passed through a chip cutter to become corals. Hypercorps, Brussels, 2016

Pino Stellino, wooden shelf with various objects and tools, 2015

When an artist copies an art work it's called an art reproduction or reproduction oil painting or simply replica art. Artists have been copying art since the 15th century with copies of woodblock illustrations. Danny Smolders and Bert Jacobs copied a selection of original drawings about women, war and factories. These drawings where shown in the group-exhibition Facing You at kunsthuis Yellow Art.

A series of drawings, (pencil, aquarel and inc) as a result of a dialogical process with Danny Smolders. 2015

Bluebird (beter voorkomen dan genezen), projection screen, oven, spray-paint, acrylic paint and wood, 2015

Wheel of Confusion, acrylic paint on panel, 100 x 70 cm, 2015

duo-exhibition with Gabriella Forzelius, 2015

- heeey I see that you are reading hehe
- Hahha i am indeed
- are you using this material?
- Going to do some tests
- okey
I have worked with it before.
It is deadly
I tried ones to cast me leg in it

Exhibition XIX zooms in on different ways of approaching and exploring an unusual reality by means of video, objects, drawings and performances. Exhibition XIX is a groupshow curated by Bert Jacobs, with works of Ignace Cami, Gabriela Gonzales, Bert Jacobs, Philip Janssens, Saori Kuno, Siet Raeymaekers, Tim Segers and Bart Van Dijck.

A poster and publication made by Griesbacher und Trafner accompanies the exhibition, with interviews by Saul Judd

For MIDNIGHT3000 a site specific installation functioned as a decor for a night full of concerts and a party, co-organized with Michael Langeder. This setting was made out of party zombies and two voodoo giants, a pinata and a stage. 2014

Installation view, wood, furniture, spray paint, various objects, 2015

Label: Different Fountains Editions
Artist: Different Fountains
Title: Shrimp That Sleeps
Cat. No.: DFE005
Format: LP 12"
Release date: 1st of september 2014

A Hypnagogic State of Consciousness, a series of drawings, chinese ink on paper, 160 x 120 cm, 2014

A Breeze made the Treetops sighs, inside view, paper and chinese ink, 5m x 3m x 2m, 2014

Der Nacht des schwarzen Sonne, chinese ink on paper, 21 x 30 cm, 2014

Replica of a Mercedes 100, wood, plastic, mirrors, 5 x 2 x 3 m, 2013

The Crooked Room was part of the group-show RSS4: Minor Demons and Solar Shades. In this exhibition the obscure got entangled with the ordinary. The Crooked Room was protected with Solar Shades made by Ada Van Hoorebeke and spirited by a video of Siet Raeymaekers titled Aphrodisiacal Love Poems, 2014

A Prefab Forest, installation: paint, wood, 20 m x 7 m x 5 m, 2012

Blue wetland, acrylic paint on panels, 2012

Rariteitenkabinet Villa Drashhoek was an experimental and collaborative project in which like-minded friends and organisations, organised a series of events, to explore the possibilities of an ordinary house as a platform for music/art/poetry and experimental actions. 2008 - 2010, Ghent

Clouds-watching-cinema for 10, camera obscura in wood, 2012

Via a camera obscura the clouds are projected on a half transparent screen. This mirrored projection is seen by the viewer in a black box.

Bert Jacobs {b.1987, Turnhout, Belgium} lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Bert Jacobs {b.1987, Turnhout, Belgium} lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. In between his artistic projects and collaborations, he dismantles the border between life and work. Jacobs's experiments with playful interventions, DIY saunas, beeswax, and windows covered with colorful foil in geometrical shapes exemplify how Jacobs' artistic output infiltrates his everyday life.
His experiences as a theatre cook, gardener, and beekeeper, find their way back into his more easily recognizable artistic output that often deals explicitly with the relationship between humans and the space surrounding them, particularly nature.

Bert Jacobs is a multi-disciplinary artist working in the field of installation art, sculptures, drawings, prints, multiples, and editions. Central to his work, and continuously through these different expressions, is an interest in intuition, imagination, collecting, storytelling, and spatial experience. Bert's practice often takes the form of collaborations, he sometimes acts as a curator of group exhibitions or initiates happenings, parties, festivals, music, and performance, in which the work of art covers the totality of the experience.
In 2010 he received his Master's degree in Fine Arts at School of Arts in Gent. In that year he set up Villa Drashhoek: an experimental artist-run space. Jacobs´ work has been exhibited at different venues in Europe: Cinema Art House Domnakinoto Sofia; Bulgarian Embassy, Helsinki; Hypercorps, Brussels; Cinema Kosmos, Plovdiv; Noplace, Oslo; Air Antwerpen; KunstWerke Berlin; basis e.v. Frankfurt am Main; KIOSK, Gent; among others.

Contact: mailbertjacobs(at)




(interview) The limitless world of artist Bert Jacobs by Emi Vergels for The Word Magazine, 2017

(interview) Bert Jacobs by Valerie Steenhaut for Subbacultcha, The Sixpack Issue, June, 2016

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